Holistic Health Career in Less Than a Year

Choosing a career in Massage Therapy can be a fulfilling and rewarding journey and jobs for Massage Therapists are projected to have the fastest growth of any other career path (20 % growth between 2010 and 2020) according to the BLS. But did you also know Massage Therapists also enjoy one of the most flexible career options after completing an education in Massage Therapy.

Work Less Earn More
The American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) annual report showed that Massage Therapists worked an average of 21.2 hrs per week in 2013 but still grossed nearly $22,000 annual income for the year – which is a similar annual income to somebody who is currently working 40 hrs a week at roughly $10-$11 dollars an hour.

The Lakewood Advantage
As a Lakewood Student, you’ll enjoy the benefit of learning in a small class environment so our Instructors can better focus on your education and learning experience.

(See full Student benefits below)

There’s no time like now to start your journey!

Contact the school today to learn how you can customize your learning experience to match your career goals. Our AM or PM Class options, online courses and workshop requirements are each designed to match your schedule to allow you to train for your new career without having to juggle your (sometimes already) hectic schedule.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you a detailed information packet and even a FREE gift that will help you during the enrollment process.

Student Benfits Include:

  • Financial Aid Available (for those who qualify)
  • College Credit Option (SC4 and Siena Hieghts University)
  • Lifetime Career Placement Services
  • Hands On Training
  • Begin Working in Less Than a Year
  • Small Class Sizes = More Personal Attention
  • Massage Table Included in Tuition
  • Student Clinic Experience

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