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Hospital Based Massage Course – Admission Info & Forms

Those ready to apply for admission need to submit a completed application form along with proof of High School graduation or GED and transcripts from your Massage Therapy training. You will also need to submit two professional recommendations. Recommendation forms are available upon request.  Applicants will be scheduled for an admissions interview.

Upon completion of the interview, students will be notified of their acceptance by mail or telephone. Upon acceptance, students must read the HBM Handbook and sign the enrollment agreement.

All paperwork will need to be completed including any financial aid paperwork or payment plan agreements.

Download Application     Recommendation Form

Admission Requirements(including prerequisites)

• Be 18 years of age or older
• High school diploma or equivalent (GED)
• Demonstrate ability to perform college level course work through previous GPA and/or college entrance testing
• Be of good moral character (background check required)
• Be self-motivated and responsible for your own learning
• Be conversant in written and oral English
• Meet all health requirements
• Completion of a Massage Therapy program of at least 500 hours of education
• 40 hours of pathology
(Massage Therapists that don’t meet this requirement can take it as a co-requisite)
• Michigan Licensure (before certificate of completion will be issued)
• Professional Liability Insurance
• 2 Letters of Recommendation

The school does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability, or sexual orientation.