Port Huron school Receives Full 7 Year Accreditation | Lakewood School Of Therapeutic Massage

Port Huron school Receives Full 7 Year Accreditation

In October Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage, that has offered students education and training in the art and science of therapeutic massage in downtown Port Huron for over 17 years, celebrated its 10th anniversary of being an accredited educational institution – a designation that will now carry on for the next seven years.

staff picLakewood School was recently awarded with a full seven year accreditation following the re-evaluation visit by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) that took place in May of this year.

During the two day re-evaluation COMTA members complete a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of the school’s operational processes – from administrative documents, public advertisements, evaluation of educational legitimacy and more. They sit in on classes, Lakewood School’s Student Massage Clinic and interview all of the school’s staff and faculty – and the visits themselves take an abundance of preparation.

nancy“It’s a huge deal,” says school Director Nancy Levitt, who first founded the school in 1997. “They (COMTA) basically come in with a checklist of over 200 items and go line by line to ensure all requirements are being met and that the school is operating at the highest level ethically, educationally, and professionally.”

The payoff for Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage and their graduates – a full seven year re-accreditation, something Levitt takes immense pride in. “The preparation for this visit took close to two years and a lot of hard work was done to achieve this so it’s really a great feeling.”

With the accreditation process behind them, the school now shifts gears in reaching its next mile stone – starting its 50th class of students in March.