The Next Step for Licensed Cosmetologists

massageIf your appointment book is showing more openings than you’d like, consider filling the gaps by offering clients new services. Whether you’re a hair stylist considering learning massage therapy or a nail tech interested in spa treatments, now might be the perfect time to enhance your repertoire. As a Licensed Cosmetologist expanding your knowledge base into learning Therapeutic Massage as well as Spa Techniques is a natural transition because many of the qualities that make you a great cosmetologist can also help make you a successful massage therapist.

Consider this:
• Massage Therapists enjoy working, interacting, and connecting with people – and so do you.
• Massage Therapists enjoy the freedom of building their own schedule and possess an entrepreneurial spirit – which is something that likely attracted you to the field of Cosmetology in the first place.
• Massage Therapists have an escalated focus on wellness and self-care – something that is naturally embedded into Cosmetologists. cosmetology

Enhancing Your Value

Your clients know you. They trust you. Carrying licenses in multiple specialties allows you to connect further to with client and expand the services you can provide to them, which can significantly aide in efforts for client retention. As an added bonus, expanding the services you’re able to provide may help rejuvenate your buzz which could lead to an increase in word of mouth and referral traffic.

Expanding into Massage Therapy results in you having multiple State Licensures in career fields that both have jobs in demand. According to the BLS jobs for Massage Therapists are projected to have the fastest growth of any other career path (20 % growth between 2010 and 2020).

Increased Earning Potential

The American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) annual report showed that Massage Therapists worked an average of 21.2 hrs. per week in 2013 but still grossed nearly $22,000 annual income for the year – which is a similar annual income to somebody who is currently working 40 hrs. a week at roughly $10-$11 dollars an hour. IMG_0979

The Easy Step

Enrolling and attending Massage School is an experience very similar to what you had already experienced while in Cosmetology school. Class schedules are which allow you to keep working and enjoy a personal life while you’re in school. You gain hands on experience from periodically working in a Student Massage Clinic. And you can complete the education and be practicing Massage Therapy in less than a year.

Find More Information

Are you a Cosmetologist who is interested in expanding the services you can provide to your Client’s, or are you simply looking for something else to fill your in between appointment time? Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage in downtown Port Huron, MI is here to help. Receive a free information packet complete with projected career outlooks by filling out the form below, or feel free to contact our Admissions Representative by phone at 810 987-3959.


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