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Workshop Descriptions


Aromatherapy I (16 hours)

This class is designed to introduce participants to Essential Oils and “True” Aromatherapy.  We explore the profiles of 18-20 Essential Oils, discuss a variety of application methods, and create a custom blend. There is a lab fee of $35.00 payable directly to the instructor on the day of class.


Carpal Tunnel (16 hours)

This class will identify several ways to address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome including nutrition, stretching, and a treatment routine encompassing many different modalities.  Also covered are ways for the massage therapist to modify massage techniques to minimize the stress to the wrists and make the bodywork easier and reducing the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome in the therapist.

Intro to Cranio Sacral  (16 hours)                                                 

This course includes an overview of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Craniosacral System. We will discuss the relationship of the craniosacral system with other body systems, and will learn to perform several deep alignment and relaxation techniques you can utilize immediately including:  still point, transverse fascial plane releases, and specific cranial bone releases. Participants will learn to monitor craniosacral rhythms, and perform a step-by-step protocol to facilitate balance with in the system.

hot stone

Hot Stone Massage (16 hours) 

This class introduces modification of massage strokes utilizing heated stones. This reduces stress to the therapist while adding the benefit of heat to the client. The result is a relaxing & rejuvenating session for the client. The use of cold rocks and their therapeutic application will be included.


Myofascial I (16 hours)                                                                              

This course explores the theory and mechanism for connective tissue restriction within the body.  Many specific releases designed to decrease fascial restriction, restore motion, and eradicate pain will be demonstrated and practiced. Please bring lab clothes (bike shorts and a sports bra or T-shirt, or a bathing suit) to wear during lab.

Myofascial II (16 hours)                                                                                          

Myofascial Release II provides additional techniques to address the needs of clients experiencing chronic pain and dysfunction. You will learn and practice specific releases including:  Supra and Infra Patellar Release, Trunk De-rotation, Lumbo Pelvic, Cervical Osseous, and Cervical Thoracic. Please bring lab clothes (bike shorts and a sports bra or T-shirt, or a bathing suit) to wear during lab. Prerequisite: Myofascial I

Polarity I (16 hours)

This workshop acquaints the participant with basic Polarity theory and the electromagnetic energy of the body.  You will learn principles and applications of Polarity Therapy and an introduction to the Chakra System, and be given techniques for balancing yourself and your clients.  Included will be spiral energy current, the east/west flow of energy, and the long lines of energy.  A complete one-hour general treatment will be demonstrated and practiced.



Reflexology (16 hours)  

 In Reflexology I you will learn this ancient therapy which access the entire body through reflex points located in the feet. You will learn specific points that reflex to the body’s organs to help yourself and others deal with stress and energize and balance the body.This workshop includes the giving and receiving of a full reflexology session.

Table Shiatsu (16 hours)                                                                                   

This class adapts traditional Shiatsu techniques for use on a massage table.  Participants receive information regarding meridians and meridian stretches.  Also included are range of motion exercises, stretches, and specific therapeutic Shiatsu techniques.  Participants will incorporate the new techniques into a complete flow.

Sports Massage I  (16 hours)  Physical Therapist Working with Patient 

 This workshop includes important aspects to assist the athlete in maintaining peak performance as well as support the healing process of a sport related injury.  The primary areas of focus will be:  Compressive Petrissage, Compressive Broadening, Transverse Friction, Active Assisted Static Compression, Pre and Post Event Sports Massage, and Common Sport Injury Treatment. Bring lab clothes. (bike shorts and a T-shirt or a bathing suit)